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sm0w_picI stumbled onto this wonderful hobby as an 8 year old boy. My boy-scout troop visited a local amateur radio club during Jamboree on the air, one weekend every year when Scouts all over the world connect over the radio waves. Soon in 1991 I became a member of that club, Botkyrka Radio Amateurs SKØHB (in those days, Salems Sändare Amatörer). In 2012 I was elected honorary member of that club.

A young boy grew up quickly among a bunch of avid hams that made impressions everyone in their way and in 1997 I got my own license with the call SMØWKA. In the year 2000 the Swedish Amateur Radio Society was able to give out “snappy” two by one vanity calls and quickly I acquired the call SMØW which I have used ever since.

As a young boy I was always dreaming about DXpeditions far away, this was all pre Internet era, when information was scanty about small reefs and islands far away and the dreamer boy sucked in every article he could obtain through various amateur radio press. This is still my main interest combined with contests and building antennas and electronics for the station…

The hobby also led me into my professional career. Today I work as a Senior Transmission Manager for the largest commercial FM radio network company in Sweden with 300 transmitter sites all over Sweden

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OJØR Market Reef

OJØR Market Reef

OJØR is my callsign during visits to the barren rock of Market Reef in the middle of the Baltic sea. [&hellip