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28 Jan

CQWW 160m Contest 2014

Last weekend myself and Thomas SMØCXU/PY2ZXU decided to participate in the CQWW 160 contest. Knowing we had several RX antennas [&hellip

24 Jan

it’s up!

Finally after months of work the 3 element 3,5 MHz yagi (80m) is up again! Around noon with the snow [&hellip

21 Jan

RXADS progress #1

Last week I started building the new RX Antenna Distribution System. I don't own a good accurate inductance meter so [&hellip

11 Jan

RX Antenna Distribution System

During last year I have been thinking alot about how to distribute RX antennas to different operating positions at the [&hellip

9 Jan

Rotator cards for the openASC

Since I now have the openASC system up and running at the station I want to implement the rotating possibility [&hellip

2 Jan

Christmas came early!

The day before Christmas eve we gathered at "The Hill" and managed to winch the 80m yagi into it's position [&hellip

OJØR Market Reef

OJØR Market Reef

OJØR is my callsign during visits to the barren rock of Market Reef in the middle of the Baltic sea. [&hellip