RXADS progress #1

21 Jan 2014 by sm0w, No Comments »

Last week I started building the new RX Antenna Distribution System. I don't own a good accurate inductance meter so I built a small probe with two alligator clips and a capacitor of known value that I hooked up to my Vector Network Analyzer. Placing a coil in between the alligator clips creates a LC parallel cirquit that displays it's resonant frequency in the VNA. Using the formula f=1/2*pi*sqrt(LC) it's easy to calculate the L (inductance) value of the coil. Played around abit with that and started assembling and tuning the bandpass filter cards. Will probably give you the finished filter cuves in the next post.

I also started assembling the Combiner card and Patch card of the system, now I ran out of components so I made an order of the remaining ones so hopefully next weekend I can continue the build.

Here are som pics.

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