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Market Reef

OJØR is my callsign during visits to the barren rock of Market Reef in the middle of the Alands sea (Baltic sea). Getting to Market is not a piece of cake! either boattrip from SM or OHØ for one hour with speed boat or helicopter. The weather also has to be permitting, only low sutherly winds make it possible to land at the skerry, otherwise the whole rock is flushed over by the sea. OJØ has it's own unique DXCC status because the rock is divided in half by the Finnish (OH) and Swedish (SM) border. Finnish side of the rock beeing in between mainland Finland and Åland islands (OHØ it's own DXCC) makes the small most westerly territory of Finnish land it's own DXCC by the rules made up in Newington at ARRL HQ.

QSL & Log search INFO


Both Direct and Bureau QSLs for OJ0R can be easily requested on Club Log! QSL MANAGER = G3TXF

Friday 26th of July 2013
We made it to Market Reef on Thursday afternoon. We will be active before, during and slightly after the IOTA contest. CU on the bands! We will be leaving on Monaday morning.
73 de Teemu SM0W
Wednesday 24th of July 2013
SM0W, SM0CXU/PY2ZXU and SM6U tried to get to Market Reef OJ0 to activate the DXCC entity in the IOTA contest. Waves today were to high, we will be trying again tomorrow, thursday and hopefully the waveheight has decreased so a landing at the reef will be possible.
73 de Teemu OH0/SM0W


Wednesday 17th of October 2012
10m Epic opening at Market Reef
This morning after the grayline hours we were delighted to see the sun again! The weather has been stabilizing over the last few hours and wind speed is down to 7-8m/s. Also the wind has changed to a more southerly direction wich is favorable for us beeing able to depart home tomorrow afternoon!
Yesterday 10m was Epic! Me and Thomas SM0CXU spent hour after hour on a huge JA wall, as propagation shifted to the west we worked guys from every corner of US on 10m. It looks like we will have the same propagation today. I just finished getting a big bunch of OC stations in the log on 10m even though dicipline from the rest of asia was very poor!
Yesterday we also experienced late night 15m propagation, all of you guys form the US that worked us yesterday was barely audiable in the RX but we managed to make the QSO's anyway! So 10, 12 and 15 will be hot again today, so if you need Market stay at the radio today! This is the eve of the battle as we start taking down antennas early tomorrow morning!
Market Reef Magic goes on!
73 de Teemu SM0W
OJ0R Team Leader
Tuesday 16th of October 2012
Hard weather at Market Reef!
Yesterday evening the weather got worse on Market Reef, we now have winds hauling around 20m/s average and occational "horisontal" showers. Verticals are bent like bananas in the wind but we keep delivering to the Deserving! We have two stations on the air most of the time and propagation today is excellent on the high bands, right now we are batteling the JA wall on both 21 and 24 Mhz. Also nice to get a few ZL stations though! Hopefully we will get nice high-band propagation into North-america later in the afternoon today!
Our plan is to leave on Thursday, but with the present winds and weather we are not sure if we will be able to. At least we stay warm inside the lighthouse firing up the old trusty owens in each room. Walking outside is not very pleasent as wind gusts almost nocks you over.
Market Reef is not the place to be during fall storms but we do what we have to, to give out this semi-rare one to all of you guys!



Please spread!
Tuesday 9th of October 2012
Market Reef, OJØR hits the air once again!
"Only men survive when boys get swept out” says Teemu, SMØW team leader of a party of three that will attempt to land on Market Reef on the 9th of October to give out this semi-rare one to all Deserving out there. Autumn in northern Scandinavia comes with tough weather and regular storms sweeps over the reef with brutal force leaving everything but the lighthouse under water. Two to three stations will be active giving out QSOs, and between 13-14 October OJØR will participate in the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) SSB. Operation is scheduled to go on until the 16th of October, and the three brave men will attempt to get home again. Operators will be SM0CXU/PY2ZXU Thomas, SM0BYD Hans and team leader SM0W Teemu. QSL via G3TXF. More information will follow at QRZ.com under the callsign OJØR.
73 de Teemu SMØW,
Team Leader

Update Monday 27th of August.

PM Update

Waves are growing watch this You Tube clip!



Today winds picked up at this moment we can not get any work done on the wind generator or beam. Winds are to high. Hopfully winds will be calmer tomorrow so that the beam can come up and we can finsih mounting the blades on the wind generator. We are hopefully leaving on wednesday.

For your pleasure some videos from this morning with the sea "at it's best" 😉


Cu on air!
73 de Teemu SM0W // OJ0R

Friday 24th of August.

I will be on the Reef this weekend working on the new wind mill generator with the Finnish Light House Society. I am also planning to put up a new 6 element tri-bander on the generator shed. A tube mast for this purpose was prepared on two earlier trips this summer. I will get on air to give out the OJ0 DXCC sporadicly during the weekend but work is going to be first priority on this trip.

Landing this morning was quite rough as waves were coming in from the north which makes landing difficult. It's not decided yet when I will be leaving, it's weather depending and as there seems to be bad WX coming in during the beginning of next week I might need to go home on sunday evening.

Hopefully see you on air!

73's de Teemu SM0W / OJ0R


.Monday 30th of July!

Team is back in SM again. Full logsearch here:https://secure.clublog.org/charts/?c=OJ0R

Logs are also uploaded to LoTW.

73 cu next time de Teemu SM0W


Friday evening 20Z the 27th of July.

We managed to land this morning on Market Reef. After 2 hours we had the first antenna and station set up and we fired away the OJ0R callsign. Throughout the day we have added a second station and put up more antennas and as we speak at 20Z we are just finishing our 10 Mhz antenna and will shortly put it on air! Tomorrow we are getting ready for the IOTA contest! Everybody in the team is well! Stay tuned for more information amd hopefully pics!

73 de Teemu SM0W



Press Release 23 July 2012

A limited Market Reef (OJ0) activation during the IOTA Contest.Next Friday morning on the 27th of July a group consisting of G3TXF, G3XTT, SM0DZB and SM0W will attempt to land on Market Reef (OJ0), now from Sweden, witha small boat to activate the Reef during the IOTA contest as OJ0R, EU-053. Duringlast winter the Lighthouse on the Reef lost all permanent antennas plus the wind generator,so the team will put up several vertical antennas and dipoles and run modest power.

The main goal for the team on this trip will be to prepare for a new permanent antennainstallation that will be done later in August. SM0W will also collaborate with the Finnish Lighthouse Society to find a good permanent solution for the electricity for future activations. They will still try to keep at least one station openfor the IOTA contest. The team will try to leave the Reef early Monday morning on the 30th ofJuly, says team leader Teemu, SM0W. For more information see http://www.qrz.com/db/oj0r/.




73 de

Teemu, SM0W
Team Leader

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OJØR Market Reef

OJØR Market Reef

OJØR is my callsign during visits to the barren rock of Market Reef in the middle of the Baltic sea. [&hellip