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23 Sep

SAC CW 2015

So was this years SAC CW Contest over! I had serious competing plans running SO2R and be at the top [&hellip

9 Aug

Potentiometer solution for the Prosistel / Bigboy rotators!

The blog has not been updated since last year and I figured it's time to start again! Summer is always [&hellip

10 Aug

New WARC-band tower

Behind the shack we have a tower that has had a 6m antenna and various yagis over the years. I [&hellip

12 Jul

80m yagi and 20m quad fix

Last week to get ready for the IARU contest (we operated as SK9HQ) I spent most of the week at [&hellip

30 Jun

HBØ/SMØW – Liechtenstein holiday style DXpedition

On the other side of the move.. I have not been very busy on the blog lately. Me and my [&hellip

24 Feb

12m, 5el monobander from Hy-Gain scrap

As described in the previous post I have been working on a 12m 5 element monobander that I designed from old [&hellip

13 Feb

Old Hy-Gain “scrap” gets new life!

Last summer we organized all aluminum scrap at the station. I found several Hy-gain antennas in really bad shape. Still [&hellip

24 Jan

it’s up!

Finally after months of work the 3 element 3,5 MHz yagi (80m) is up again! Around noon with the snow [&hellip

21 Jan

RXADS progress #1

Last week I started building the new RX Antenna Distribution System. I don't own a good accurate inductance meter so [&hellip

11 Jan

RX Antenna Distribution System

During last year I have been thinking alot about how to distribute RX antennas to different operating positions at the [&hellip

OJØR Market Reef

OJØR Market Reef

OJØR is my callsign during visits to the barren rock of Market Reef in the middle of the Baltic sea. [&hellip