New WARC-band tower

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Behind the shack we have a tower that has had a 6m antenna and various yagis over the years. I decided last winter it was time to redo the whole shabang and making a WARC band tower out of it. So I designed two 5 element monobanders (for 12 and 17m) from old hy-gain scrap lying around the station. Now it was finally time to get the antennas up the tower! The summer in SM has been really fantastic this year and the work was done in 30 deg C heat. Sweaty and warm!

First step was getting the old 6m antenna down, old rotator and mounting plates for it and the thrust bearing. Everything was greased up and the rotator and thrust bearing got new mounting platse in the tower. After that we used the gin-pole to lower down the new 7m long mast pipe into the tower. The 12m yagi was hoisted up by myself and the tower guy this time was Dag SM0KDG. The yagi was put into place and the antenna plus mast pipe was slowly pulled upwards so the rotator could be fit into the tower. Whan this was finished the 17m yagi was hoisted up, but it was quite tricky since the elements wanted to get stuck in everything since the spot for the tower is quite a tricky place. Finally the antennas was in placed and the first smoke test showed that they were working like they should! =)

Here are some pictures =)

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OJØR Market Reef

OJØR Market Reef

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