80m yagi driven element & Hi-Q coil repairs

2 Dec 2013 by sm0w, No Comments »

This weekend I mounted the relay switch box for the 80m yagi back on the driven element again after bringing it home for repairs. I also made a new common mode choke, 30 turns of RG393 on 110mm (7") PVC tubing. The Hi-Q coils on the elements had old splicings in the connections to the coils and they were really bad after years of weather. So I decided to re-do them properly. First I took away all old oxide, then wound new copperwire around the splicings and soldered with a big 300W soldering iron! After that the whole thing got a cote of fresh warnish to protect them from the weather. Also the coils lost some of their warnish over the years so they were sprayed as well. All and all a good weekend! The only remaining thing now is to add some paint to some stupp that needs to be rust protected, I need to go over all elements once more and check that all hardware is tightened properly. And then it will fly again! =) Some pics for the weekend, if it looks cold and frosty it was! On saturday we had -6 degrees centigrades, on sunday a little better with a few degrees above zero but very windy.

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OJØR Market Reef

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